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100 Montaditos was founded in 2000 near the spanish southern city of Huelva. Recreating the atmosphere of a traditional 19th century Spanish tavern, the restaurant specialized in montaditos, crunchy Spanish rolls baked to order and jam-packed with traditional Spanish meats, cheeses, sauces and other toppings. Demand grew so much that it transformed the concept into the fast casual dining chain 100 Montaditos is today.


In 2009 100 Montaditos began expanding outside Spain, opening locations in Portugal and France, with the success in both markets giving us the confidence to cross the Atlantic. We chose Miami in early 2011 as our first US outpost and Americas headquarters, later that year opening franchises in Mexico City and Bogotá, two of Latin America’s most important capital cities.

100 Montaditos now operates more than 300 owned or franchised restaurants within and outside Spain which combined have served up more than 60 million montaditos. A new locale now opens its doors every three days on average. Nearly 15 restaurants have launched in Florida, including Orlando and Miami, and are also preparing to open in such other key US markets as Boston, Chicago, New York and Washington.


In little more than a decade, 100 Montaditos has risen to become the largest Spanish-owned franchise in the world, with successful operations in Europe, the United States and Latin America. And our US flagship in Miami, opened in January 2011, is the highest-grossing 100 Montaditos location worldwide, proving that the restaurant concept we developed in Spain is as successful outside our native country as within it.


100 Montaditos is owned by Grupo Restalia, a leading restaurant holding company that also operates the beer pub franchise La Sureña.


A Place to Stay

100 Montaditos is classified as a fast casual restaurant because we use a quick-service system designed to minimize wait time and eliminate table service. Customers either order directly at the counter or write their order on menu sheets found at each table and take them to the register. When menu items are ready, usually within four to five minutes, each customer’s name is called.

But that is where the similarities end. Unlike some other fast casual restaurants, our comfortable, traditional and cheerful locations are places customers like to stay.  Most 100 Montaditos restaurants have street-front locations. Our restaurants feature hardwood or tile floors, granite countertops and tables, mood lighting and authentic old Spanish tavern images, making them perfect places for friends and family to enjoy conversation as they share delicious food and drinks.  Such casual dining places are an important part of the Spanish way of life. 

100 Montaditos also prides itself in preparing our food and drinks at workstations open to the public for viewing.

Mediterranean Diet:
The 100 Montaditos cuisine is based on a set of ingredients typically Spanish, with healthy and balanced dietetically.

Baked bread:
Among the highest quality standards in the production process, emphasizes preparation in the establishment of a specially formulated bread in the string itself, freshly baked and tender, especially ready for tasting.

Variety range:
The base form of the product characteristic ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine that combined together give rise to all the sandwiches.